The Goose Hunter

The Goose Hunter is a short surreal comedy/satire set on the marshland of the Isle of Thanet. The film follows a paranoid UKIP voter/bird watcher bemoaning the influx of migratory geese from Canada. Despite occurring in a post-brexit universe, The Goose Hunter still finds herself unable to control the forces that she feels impact upon her life.

The Goose Hunter is currently on a film festival circuit and will be available to watch in full later in the year. The Goose Hunter was briefly included in a ITV Meridian feature on Cinecity: The Brighton Film Festival, in November 2017.

ITV feature:

Featured at:

The Hellfire Film Festival, Short Film Selection – Folkestone October 2017

Cinecity, The Brighton Film Festival, Short Film Selection – Brighton November 2017

Ramsgate International Film and Television Festival, Short Film Selection – Ramsgate March 2018